AB Zinc Oxide

AB Zinc Oxide is produced from metal zinc by indirect process (French process).

Zinc is an essential element both for animal and vegetal life. It is present as a mineral in the earth crust but its distribution is not uniform. Due to these soil regional lacks, there is certain bioavailability deficit that affects agriculture, cattle and small animals breeding.

ZnO is a natural form of dietary complementation to cover such deficiencies. It is the natural component in fertilizers, animal feed, micronutrients and vitamin & mineral premixes.

Technical Information

Standard: CAS N° 1314-13-2

Description: High purity white to amber-yellowish or grey powder

Solubility: Soluble in acids and alkali; insoluble in water and ethanol

Residue in 325 mesh (%): 0.5

Specific Area (BET): 3

Particle Size (μ): 0,35

Specific Weight (g/mL): 5,6

Medium Bulk Density (g/L): 650

Packing: 25 Kg. plastic bag. 1000 Kg. Net Big Bags.

Typical Analysis
ZnO 98,5%
Pb 0,03%
Cu 0,06%
Fe 0,05%
Cd 0,0005%
As 0,0003%
Hg 0,0000%
Humidity at @110°C 0,14%

Download technical specifications in pdf format: ZnO_AB.pdf