Grupo Industrial C&C is broadly focused on quality which translates into products that comply with the most demanding national and international standards. Besides, with a continuous improvement policy, we generate added value to our customers.

Our Quality System has been certified ISO 9001:2008:

Scope of IRAM-ISO 9001: certifications: 2015.

Sotyl S.A.: “Casting, rolling, cutting and selling of copper and its alloys in sheets and strips, in thickness greater than or equal to 0.04 mm. Selling of copper tubes and pipes. Rolling, cutting and selling of aluminum and its alloys in sheets and strips, in thickness greater than or equal to 0.11 mm.”
Oxido Metal S.A.: “Manufacture and commercialization of zinc oxide, zinc alloys an aluminum alloys. Commercialization of metals and non-ferrous oxides.”

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, like our Thermo ARL 4460 Optical Emission Spectrometer and the ICP Jobin Yvon JY2000 Atomic Emission Spectrometer, which enable the monitoring of the products, process and supply chain as well as assisting our customers. As a result of our R&D programs, we are always capable of providing products and services that comply with the highest global quality standards.

Sotyl S.A. produces high quality alloys, as from a 0.04 mm thickness and 4 mm to 420 mm width. We use the best raw materials available in the international market. In our casting process, we use modern techniques like horizontal continuous casting and computerized controls. Physical-chemical controls performed at our laboratory assure optimum and uniform metallographic qualities.

For the rolling process, we have machinery that incorporate electronically driven automatic thickness controls. The thermal treatment stage takes place at modern high speed convection annealing furnaces that assure uniformity during the process while minimizing dispersion of products physical features like hardness, elongation and grain size.