The company is fully committed to the safety and health of its employees, contractors, customers and the community in general. Its management system related to health, safety and environment involves a strict process control that assures that production is in total compliance with the legislation in force.

We support sustainable development as we believe that it is the only way to preserve the planet for future generations. Every action is taken with responsibility and ethics in order to improve the present and guarantee the future.

Grupo Industrial C&C has its own Safety Department in charge of an Engineer specialized in Environmental Safety. This department is responsible for the employees’ safety by controlling and assessing the correct functioning of every equipment & machinery in order to detect any potential danger.

At the workplace, the following evaluations are performed:

  • Noise levels.
  • Illumination (both at plant and personal levels).
  • Capture of fumes and gases.
  • Efforts.

Once all these evaluations are made, the staff receives all necessary personal protection equipments like earplugs, masks, lights, belts and other elements. Besides, on an annual basis, employees should take medical exams that include blood tests, hearing tests and other related tests.